3 Mg – Gingaestética was inspired by the context of shelters in the Brazilian slums. Image fragments were arranged in a way to allow an “editing”, which prompted a wide range of visual choices to the spectators. The video was used as an instrument of choreographic research. The investigation of concepts like “labyrinth”, “fragment” and “rhizome” (the latter quoted from A Thousand Plateaus , written by Deleuze-Guattari) were crossed with aspects of Brazilian quotidian reality; the performers' bodies revealed an authorial understanding of “ginga” (a Brazilian term for improvising with what you have at your reach). The concept of body that was presented in this dance was built from de-standardization of movements. The body movement was associated to the idea of struggling for surviving and influenced by the precarious reality of those Brazilians who live in the favelas. The book “A estética da Ginga”

(The Aesthetics of Ginga) written by the architect and urbanist Paola Berenstein Jaques was adopted as a theoretical source, as well as the study of the Brazilian artist Hélio Oiticica's work. 3 Mg premiered in Manhattan, New York; it was selected to be presented at Mostra de Novos Coreógrafos at SESC–SP; it was presented at the festival FABBRICA EUROPA in Firenze, Italy and at FID - Festival Internacional de Dança, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, in 2008, among other important dance festivals.

photos by duo foto&grafia and gil grossi