PIP - Dance Research is a contemporary dance company that was created in 2002 in Curitiba/PR, by the dancer, choreographer and art director Carmen Jorge. Since its creation, the company has been known for its interest in the creative intersection of different mediums. From 2006 on, the company has been focusing its research on the intersection between dance and technology, and it is the only company in the state of ParanĂ¡ which is working from this perspective. In recent years, PIP has been promoting video dance in Brazil. PIP works with collective creation among its collaborators and it functions as an experimental studio to these multidisciplinary artists. Body and movement are the main axes of the PIP's authorial research. PIP works in the transition of practice and theory, explores specific methodologies according to the specific configuration of its artistic processes. The company develops its works with municipal and federal grants that are addressed to culture development. In its studio located in downtown Curitiba, PIP develops rehearsals and promotes workshops, screenings and lectures to foment the interchange of knowledge. As part of its goals, PIP intents to approach the community to the activities and projects of the company, developing the dialogue between audiences and artists.