BARRACO was an extension of 3 Mg creative process. Its structure was centered in the absence of a preconceived project with pre-established choreographic phrases, in the lack of any veneer and in the constant movement transformation as a way to propose a dance that was made of what was available at hand at the very moment of the live performance. Based on instructions and interaction, the work revealed a fragmented body in a constant collapse and antiflux movement. Each performance was unique and always comprised a transformed work in the sense every decision that was made was instantaneous, challenging the potential of the performer, dancer, video maker, musician and light designer involved in the work. Their instantaneous perspectives about the scene at the moment it was daily constructed made them to assume the “precariousness” and “risk” as an aesthetic for the result. With this work, PIP created the “self-editing” concept: a wild, alert and overflowing body. The dance was conceived to be performed in an installation of 29 TV-sets, 40 plant vases and 60 beach chairs, which were divided in two lateral audiences. BARRACO established the use of technology in PIP's scene and informed the path to the

next unfolding researches.


Read the review written by the dance critic Helena Katz for the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo.

photos by lauro borges, duo foto&grafia and gil grossi