CPAP – Coreografias para Ambientes Preparados was developed from four distinctive axes in order to create an "extended choreography".

The spatial axis of the choreography structure was dismembered and expanded to several spaces/places inside Centro Cultural Teatro Guaíra as well as in the outdoors. It emphasized the architecture, pulsating information from inside to the outside while having as a priority the dialogue with the surroundings of the theater building. The technological axis stressed the notion of a choreography that is "extended" and plural. It invited the spectators to interact and make decisions, as well as being part of the choreographic structure. In the videodance axis we used repetition as a structural artifice applied to the temporal aspect of the choreography: along 90 minutes, three 30-minute looping sequences were shown. Architectural images were screened as scripted by the dancers who worked on restricted areas of the theater. Finally, in the body/occupy axis the dancers invaded the building architecture and the public space in front of the theater. They acted in the quotidian relationships, producing new realities and information while influencing new relations that were produced at every

 instant of the dance.


photos by Sérgio Vieira and Karin Broocke (Virada Cultural)