In 2002 under the name of Ar Co. – Companhia do Ar (Company of the Air), the company created two productions with a large repercussion: A Casa dos Anjos (The House of the Angels) and Motion. A Casa dos Anjos established a dialogue with theater, visual arts, circus and live music. Among other special guests, the production counted with the collaboration of the musical group Terra Sonora. The work had as dramaturgical line a discourse that put closer humans and angels, resulting in a sublime connotation to the human existence. “Motion” got closer of film and photography world creating a powerful image texture to the scene, breaching with a linear narrative in order to investigate aspects of the human miserable reality. The use of vertical techniques allowed the subversion of the space creating a vigorous and unexpected

exploration of it.


During 2003 the company coordinated the project ”CIM - Centro de Investigação do Movimento” (Center of Movement Research), a cultural space located in Rebouças neighborhood, in Curitiba. This space initiated new searches and directions on dance and movement studies to the company, which were clearly influenced by the performance art field and culminating with the creation of the performance Corpos de Passagem (Passage Bodies). Among other collaborators, CIM brought to the city the movement researcher Renata Melo, the videodance curator and researcher Leonel Brum and the dance scholar Roberto Pereira. In 2003/2004, with a new staff, the company participated from several workshops at “Casa Hoffmann – International Center for Movement Studies”, which was an important Center curated by Andrea Lerner and Rosane Chamecki. Among the workshops the company members could experience there, were: Deborah Hay, Tere O´Connor, Shelley Senter, Xavier Le Roy, Simone Augtherlony, David Zambrano, La Ribot, John Jasperse, Thomas Lehmen, Fabiana Brito, André Lepecki, Thomas Plischke, Vera Mantero, Helena Katz, Lia Rodrigues and Cristine Greiner. This experience utterly redefined the thought and the tracks of the investigations of PIP Dance Research.


In 2005 PIP staged 3 Mg - Gingaestética a dance work that was focused on incorporating and accentuating some aspects of "brasilidade" (what naturally belongs to a native Brazilian) in the body. Based in the studies of architecture and urbanism and in the work of the visual artist Hélio Oiticica, the piece was extremely influenced by the book “Estética da Ginga” (The Aesthetic of the Ginga) written by Paola Berenstein Jacques. 3 Mg – Gingaestética premiered in New York. The piece was invited to participate of Channel Sur – Latin-American Dance in New York , an event created by the Venezuelan choreographer Luis Lara Malvácias in collaboration to the American choreographer Jeremy Nelson, in a production of Danspace Project. With 3 Mg – Gingaestética the company participated of the Mostra de Artes do Mediterrâneo (Mediterranean Arts Festival), a production of SESC- São Paulo, in Brazil during the event Mostra Internacional de Novos Coreógrafos (New Choreographers International Festival), a co-production of Fabbricca de Coreógrafos (Italy). 3 Mg – Gingaestética made a run in Curitiba /PR and was presented in many SESC-SP branch institutions. In 2005, PIP received the Difusão Cultural Grant, an award given by Fundação Cultural de Curitiba (Curitiba Cultural Foundation), to the production of MOBILLE, the pre-project that started BARRACO researches. MOBILLE brought contemporary dance to Curitiba's suburban regions. BARRACO premiered in Curitiba, on April 19th, 2006. This dance-installation piece was an assemblage of body, sonic installation and video-installation and it kept on the investigation about what consists a Brazilian body. Framed by a hybrid structure, it made possible the study of the relation between the parts that composed the piece, as the understanding of its collaborative thought. The work went deeper into its influences, which concerned in the architecture and urbanism and in the artist Hélio Oiticica. BARRACO was divided in phases, the first one was entitled TRANSBORDAMENTO (OVERFLOWING), an opened experimental work. On May 17th, 2006 3 Mg – Gingaestética was presented in FABBRICA EUROPA, a festival in Florence (Italy) that engages science, dance, media, music, theatre and visual arts. BARRACO was honored by the FUNARTE Klauss Vianna prize, in 2006, presenting a month season in the SESC Avenida Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil. In October 2007 PIP initiates a series of studies involving installations, dance and technology, working with TV's and other analogical devices inside the project OB-GESTOS. In the late 2007 PIP was contemplated with the grant “Dance Production and Diffusion”, launched by the Curitiba's Municipal Foundation for culture because of the project LAB SIMBIÓPTICO, to experiment the digital technology on the scene.