LAB SIMBIOPTICO was a contemporary dance procedure working with the interface of technology, visual arts and performance art. In its explored material or “immaterial” aspects, as well as in its spatial configuration/set that was plural and interactive, several questions emerged concerning the change of expectations about what to watch a spectacle is; the audience had an active participatory role through looking at a piece or art object, in a way the spectators took the piece to themselves and could experience the environment in an inclusive set. Through these mechanisms the performance prompted interactivity, unspectacularity and the refusal of the traditional Italian stage and its division between audience and artist's conventional places. The work aimed for new ways to deal with dance and art. The theoretical source for this project was Arlindo Machado, Philippe Dubois and Michael Rush. LAB counted with the collaboration of the researcher and Ph.D. Professor in Dance With Technological Mediation, Ivani Santana. In this performance PIP made use of telematic resources and started an investigation with computers, softwares for real time performance recording and editing with Isadora Core.



photos Elenize Desgeninski