We Cage was conceived from studies of the dance piece “Variations V” composed by John Cage and choreographed by Merce Cunningham. The piece from 1965 is historically considered the first to merge dance and technology combining the movement of the dancers to the technological apparatus of that time, resulting in the manipulation of lighting and sound. PIP proposed an updated creation addressing these relations in a context in which the body was put into the experience of the movement considering risk as an aesthetic. With updated softwares, raffles and games we used the chance as a tool for creation, controlling and not controlling of the choreography, sound and projected images. The technological apparatus consisted of weight sensors connected to the ground, blending and direction sensors functioning through wi-fi technology and the softwares Isadora Core, Max Msp and Ableton Live. The intent was to research a hybrid body with dilated and expanded actions as a form to create a “live” environment.

photos by Gil Grossi and Elenize Desgeninski